Customs Services -Land Group

One of the most important aspects of the international transport service is related to the legislative matter governing the exchange of goods and services between countries.

To support the continuous growth of EU and Extra -EU trade, LANDGROUP provides customs, tax and excise deposit services for efficient management of rights and taxes.

We are able to better manage the delicate areas of intervention related to the import and export of goods, placing ourselves first as consultants and then as implementers and managers of the complete transport opertaion.

The dedicated IT connections with the customs agencies allow an efficient management of the activities and very short document management times for:

  • Import / Export Goods from Extra-EU Countries
  • Import / Export Goods from EU Countries
  • Import / Export Excise


Customs consulting is one of the most complex aspects of international shipping, which requires continuous updating and correct training to ensure fast and safe shipments without incurring the risk of errors in carrying out customs procedures. Its  knowledge is also important in the case of any disputes related to the methods of shipment.

We know the different tax and customs regimes for the transport of raw materials or goods to be processed.


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