Do you need to deliver a partial load?

We know very well that not all trucks can be completed with a full load,  or that not all our customers ship large volumes of goods, therefore those who have to send little material can rely on us for a partial load also known as LTL, "less than truckload").

Why this solution?

Some of our customers today want to optimize the transport of their goods and at the same time to reduce the costs. This choice is due to the fact that  the so-called "warehouse" it is a concept that has now been overcome, both for  Company needs and decisions.

How did we develop the LTL?

The service we can offer,  after a careful analysis of your requests, turns into an ideal solution, designed ad hoc, in terms of delivery times and type of goods: we know how important it is to plan everything in the smallest details: in fact our operators are informed about the specifics of your transport: type and quantity of goods, type of cargo, destination, budget, delivery times, particular needs.

We operate in this sector with a great availability of  vehicles and on a wide network of contacts and suppliers, which allows us to better diversify the service to offer you


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